8 things you should not ask on a date

1. Do you have a boyfriend

Many escorts do have a partner, other escorts do not. This is a personal subject that some escorts may choose to share with you, but a large number will want to keep it very private. Do not ask your escort their relationship status unless they first choose to bring up the subject with you.


2. Does your family know what you do

Another question that is not appropriate. What an escort does and does not do is their business. They are not there to discuss their family with you. Just like your escort will not ask you very personal questions. They are there for your entertainment and share a good time with you - not to pry into your personal life.


3. What is your real name

It is surprising how often this question is asked of escorts. It is asked for one of two reasons: either because the client is very inexperienced, or because a client has crossed the line and does not care about the escorts boundaries. As most people familiar with the escort scene would know, most escorts do not go by their real name. Escorts mostly go by pseudonyms.


4. Will you go on a date with me

   (will you see me for free) 

It can be difficult for some clients to understand how an escort can enjoy their time together so much, and for this not to translate into wanting to go out on a private date. Some clients can enjoy the fantasy a little too much, and begin to blur the lines between business and pleasure. An escort’s job is to make you enjoy yourself - to enjoy themselves with you too - but always remember, sex work is work. It is important that you understand that, appreciate and respect it.


5. Can you send me a selfie

In our modern era of 2022, there are so many different ways for clients to see candid selfie images of their private escorts. There are various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, as well as Scarlet Blue’s very own dedicated Selfie Gallery.  Many escorts make a huge effort in placing dozens of selfie photos across their profiles and social media platforms. When a client asks for a selfie when so many already exist on the internet, that client may come across as either incredibly lazy, or self entitled - particularly clients who have already seen the escorts selfies, but want a new one just for themselves. 


To make a good first impression, take the time to explore your escorts Selfie Gallery, social media platforms and website before asking them to send you a selfie.


6.  What are your rates

If you have visited an escorts website, you will find that they have clearly listed their prices for you to read. Escorts make a lot of effort to details their rates in their advertisement, so that you know in advance if they are within your price range. Take the time to read your escorts profile before contacting them. Your efforts will be appreciated, and failing to do so may start off on the wrong foot.


7. Can I have a discount

One of the most offensive things that a client can ask an escort is for a discount. Not only will it start the conversation off on a bad note, but it also has the potential to have you blacklisted. The prices listed in an escort advertisement are not negotiable. This is the price, and if the price is not what you were expecting, then it is best to contact another escort within your price range. Some clients believe that if they are not having the full list of services, then they should be charged less. There are many escorts who do charge less for non-sexual services, but if they do, this will be clearly listed in their profile.  If an escort lists a minimum of one hour in their profile, never try to barter the price for a lesser time period (e.g. 45 minutes). There is no problem with asking an escort if they provide a 45 minute service, but if they say no, then do not persist further or try to bargain.  Asking an escort for a discount because you are good looking, well endowed or a fantastic lover will not impress them either.


8. Do I have to have a shower

An escort asking you to have a shower is a simple request. Although you may have already had one prior, your escort may have a policy that all clients shower before the service begins, and you must respect their wishes.


Make your escort happy, and they will return the favour in spades. 



Nina Rose

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