Adopt A Bill

Email me to talk to me about adopting one whether it’s long or short term.

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Adopt a Bill

- Gym Membership 100chf per month

- Gym Supplements 50chf per month

- Gym Clothes & Trainers 100chf per month

- Mobile Phone 100chf per month

- Manicure 50chf per month

- Pedicure 50chf per month

- Hair 150chf per month

- Fun lingerie / costume / toys 250chf per month

- Clothes 300chf per month

- Property Rent 2000chf per month

- Shoes & Boots 500chf per month




- Photoshoot | 3000chf

I'm a creative persona and always up to create new content. Sponsoring me with a new half day photoshoot would be much appreciated, in this case I'd love to send you:

- 4 exclusive photos just for you from the photo shoot 

- 3 selfies only for your eyes


- Spa Day | 500chf

A spa day is my favorite relaxation when I'm not touring. If you want to treat me for a relaxing spa time, I'd love to send you

- 3 exclusive selfies only for your eyes


8 Pilates Classes | 450chf

I really enjoy doing pilates when I have a chance, I'm glad that you take health as important as I do. With the according treatment I'll send you: 

- 2 exclusive selfies only for your eyes




Nina Rose

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