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Most people have a bucket list packed with places they want to see, experiences they want to try, and life-long goals they want to achieve. While these lists are all well and good, have you ever thought about creating a sex bucket list for the bedroom?

It might be a good time to think about the hopes and dreams you have for your sex life. Whether it’s experimenting with toys or getting hot and heavy in a public place, it’s smart to write these things down. 

One is a lot more likely to try new things when the sexual desires are nicely summed up in a list (just like a regular bucket list), and one is encouraged to think about what it is that he/she really wants to do in and out of the bedroom. Creating a sex bucket list is a great way to stir up one’s sex life, and a satisfying and exciting result is almost guaranteed.

Need help coming up with some ideas for your spicy bucket list? There are countless sex positions, locations, kinks and couplings to explore. Here are a few steamy ideas to inspire your own sex bucket list. 


Have Sex At The Office

Despite all common sense and warnings that make it clear our minds shouldn’t be on sex at the office, plenty of people fantasise about tossing the papers off of their desk and getting dirty. Sometimes these daydreams involve a partner (or an escort LOL) popping by for a surprise visit and sometimes they involve a coworker. Either way, it can’t hurt to try at least once.

It is really exciting and worth the risk. 


Do a Role-play

Whether it’s fantasising about a doctor’s visit taking a turn for the erotic or about having a one night stand with a stranger you meet in a bar, role play can be the perfect solution. Especially, if you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, role-play allows you to refresh the relationship and to explore all of your sexual fantasies while actually staying faithful.


Have “Anywhere But The Bed” Sex

Sex in your bed is great, of course, but every once in a while it’s fun to switch up the location. Perhaps you could have sex on the kitchen table, against your front door, in the backyard, in your pool, in the car, or anywhere else your imagination takes you.


Have someone join in

If you’ve always dreamed about having sex that involves three or more people, you’re not alone. The majority of people have possibly fantasised about having a third person in bed. Frankly, it can be very exciting but a bit tricky to actually pull off a threesome.

As magical as threesomes sound, they don’t actually happen by magic. It takes a lot of communication, with your partner if you’re adding a third, with the couple if you’re joining in, or with two people who’ve never slept with each other before. You’ll need to talk about your expectations and boundaries, and make sure everyone involved is excited for what’s about to happen. I believe the third party should be someone that nobody feels attached to. Hiring an escort or other sex worker can be a good option. The risk of developing a romance, and later on committing adultery is less likely when a “professional” third party is involved. 


Have Sex In A Public Place

Whether it’s in the bathroom at your favourite bar, in a department store dressing room, or behind the bushes on a deserted street, the could-get-caught risk makes public sex way more exciting than your usual romp at home.

No doubt, this one is risky. Having sex in public, violates public indecency laws in pretty much everywhere is the world. But if you’re careful, it’s totally possible to pull it off, causing for you and your partner an extremely hot experience. The most important tip, of course, is to choose a place that’s public but not too public. That means finding a bathroom (with a door that locks), or having sex on a balcony, a fire escape, an empty hillside, or on a rooftop. You get the idea!


Have Phone Sex

This is a lifesaver for long-distance couples, but even if you live with your partner, it’s still something worth trying at least once. Today’s technology aids this type of pleasure quite well. Smartphones have great cameras built in so you can actually see each other while having phone sex. However, relying on explicitly the tone can be even sexier. One’s imagination gets loose and the real fun will instantly kick off. 


Use a Blindfold

There’s something incredibly sensual and thrilling about feeling your partner without seeing where their hands will go next. Naturally, using blindfolds during sex requires a great deal of trust in your partner. Even more trust is needed when handcuffs or ropes are involved in sex and one of the parties is tied down. One is completely and utterly “helpless” in this setting, but if mutual trust and rules are well established,  it is a very exciting form of adult games.



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