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It is time to plan your next holiday, which you wish to enjoy at a romantic and exclusive vacation spot, but you don’t have a partner on hand? Do not travel alone, there is a great solution!

Let yourself sweeten up your vacation with the companion of a dreamlike independent escort lady! Experience passionate moments together and a journey that will stay among your sweetest memories for a long time.

Taking a high class escort along has so many advantages: it is uncomplicated, easy, reliable and exceptional erotic adventure is guaranteed, just to mention a few.

First of all, it’s essential to keep things simple and avoid complications before the well deserved holiday. Simply choose your travel companion and send her an enquiry. Most of the escorts are quite flexible and are able to travel globally, even on a short notice. In case, you see a sex worker regularly, then it is fairly advisable to take her along in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you opt for someone new, I strongly suggest to make a booking for a weekend getaway or at least a 4-6 hour dinner date prior vacation. Otherwise your dream trip can easily turn into a nightmare.

Yes, I know! You got some friends, former work colleges or schoolmates to take with you. So you might ask yourself the question: why bother with a paid service? Because, you will be the “boss”! You get to do the things you actually enjoy without having to deal with a miserable or ever- complaining travel partner. Why would you go on endless shopping trips when all you want to do is hanging out at the hotel bar sipping colourful cocktails decorated with little blue umbrellas? Booking an escort for your holiday is a smooth deal with less headaches and less room for annoying arguments. Now, isn’t it so much easier to book a “professional girlfriend”?

Furthermore, when you arrange an escort to travel with you on a holiday is a very reliable solution. After all, she is getting paid for her time and services. Surely, she will not cancel the trip at the last minute, she will not miss the flight and she will give you her full attention. Yes, it will cost you some extra money, but it is a good investment, because you will return as a completely new man.

As Coco Chanel so wisely said: “The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.” You just gotta deal with it, don’t you? LOL

Last but not least: who wants to go to Paradise with someone that constantly has a headache? Or her “period” lasts the entire duration of the vacation? Let’s be honest: we all have already heard about that situation. Take a professional girlfriend with you and save yourself all the problems! Give yourself some love and let yourself pampered by her advanced sexual skills! Naturally, an escort service (might) includes erotic services too, so why not take an advantage on that? Make your holiday unforgettable by adding some extra sweetness to it! Enjoy mind-blowing sexual pleasure after breakfast, before dinner, on the beach and/or on the sun-bed while the sun goes down! Does it sound good to you? If yes, then go ahead and search for the most suitable escort model..or even better! Don’t go anywhere further and book me to become the highlight of your next trip! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Love and kisses



Nina Rose

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