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Booking an escort seems to be an easy task: go to a reputable escort directory, select the provider you like the most, call her and get into action. Well, it is easier said than done! Unfortunately, I keep receiving inquiries, which sound totally unserious and frankly: they go unanswered straight to my trash. Because giving me a “kissing emoji” or comments like: “Hi baby”, “Hey” are not going to get you far with me. It’s a pity, maybe those guys really wanted my company, but somehow they haven’t learned the basic rules. Therefore, I am going to take the time and put together a short short tutorial on how to book an escort successfully.

Step 1.

Google the local selection of escorts. To do so: focus on reputable escort directory websites to find serious providers. I recommend contacting the paid ads first, because most probably those escorts who pay for ads are active and available for bookings. You may also want to check the last login date or when the pictures were updated last. If that was done years ago, then most probably the escort is not active anymore or moved away. 

Step 2. 

Do your own research first. If the chosen escort is an independent with an own website, always go to check it out! It gives you tons of information on her appearance, services, prices, conditions and more. The website alone is a good indicator on how serious she is. If you desire a special service her website might tell you wether she is offering it or not (eg. S/M, Bondage, A-levels etc.). If she isn’t into your thing, then don’t try to convince her about your fantasies… nobody will like it. Trust me! Go and find someone else who is happy to do it.

Step 3. 

Get in touch with her. It is important to do it on her preferred way. Keep in mind, we all have personal lives and calling someone unexpectedly won’t grant much sympathy. Escorts generally prefer written communication via WhatsApp, Signal, or good old email. I prefer emails the most. It is discreet, and I can answer it in my own convenient time. Make sure that your enquiry is COMPLETE. It should contain your name, a few words about you, date and location of the meeting. Also share the duration of the requested date, if you know it.

Step 4. 

Follow the criteria and screening process of the escort. It is normally not very complicated. If she wants to have a phone call prior meeting, do it. Do what she requests from you to show your genuine interest on meeting her and to make her feel comfortable. Please talk about ordinary things and keep the phone call short and friendly. Avoid talking about escort services and sexually suggestive details during the introductory phone call. The purpose of this call is to determine wether mutual sympathy exists (on both ends) and nothing else.

Step 5.

Establish your rendezvous. If all went well to this point than you are probably ready to set the date and begin with the preparations. There are two options for an escort date: in-call and out-call arrangement.   

In-call date: 

The most important thing you should do when preparing yourself for your date is to have great hygiene. Take a shower before you go to your date. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash. Smelling good and having fresh breath is not only considerate, but will also get you the most mileage from your escort, now and in the future.

Out-call date: 

Hygiene is still the most important. I covered it in the in-call preparation, and it’s exactly the same here. However, also you are the host, so you’ll want to have a few things for your escort guest.

First, tidy up the room, making sure it is clean and not cluttered. This should be no problem if you just checked in or if room service recently cleaned.

Leave a fresh towel and toiletries for your escort guest, making sure these toiletries are unused and unopened.

Lastly, offer some refreshments. You can go as fancy as you want, but simply having bottled water on ice is more than enough to be a good host.

One more thing worth mentioning is the “donation for our time” aka payment. Place your donation in a blank envelope, and set it in an inconspicuous spot. The two best places are either the bathroom counter, or on top of a desk or dresser. Be sure to make it easy for the escort to spot. You do not want to hand the money to her directly as it is quite intimidating for both of us!

Step 6. 

Give her your valuable feedback. After the date you might want to send a short note to your escort date thanking her time and efforts on entertaining you (and hopefully herself). You can reflect on your personal highlight of the date. You may also tell her if something needs improvement. If you had a great time with, you can recommend her services to your trusted friends, which is the ultimate tip for every escort!

I hope this short blog post helps to avoid common mistakes made when getting in touch with an escort. Keeping these simple steps will bring you a long way! I wish you good luck on finding your perfect companion who will make your secret dreams come true!

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Nina Rose

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