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Based on a recent -rather bitter- experience, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of grown men interested in a high class escort service are not familiar with the basic escort etiquettes, or simply do not want to follow them. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post on this topic, hoping to reach those clients who need to read it the most!

Your time with an escort of your choice should be enjoyable and sexually fulfilling in every way. However, there are certain etiquettes you need to follow and abide by when meeting an escort for the first time as it will help make the ambience more pleasurable and comfortable for both the parties involved.

In this blog post, I will talk in brief about the Escort etiquettes that you need to follow and keep in mind when meeting your choice of escort.

This especially goes for the people who are booking an escort for the first time as these etiquettes will help you enjoy and get the kind of experience you were looking for with no strings attached.

Contacting an escort: once you decided to reach out a professional sex worker please consider that this is nothing else than any other service. I assume you would not call your hair stylist at 2 AM to schedule your next appointment. I kindly ask you not to call me in the middle of the night, because most likely I will not answer the phone. If I do, then be polite at least and watch your mouth! Refrain from nasty language and offensive statements, because it only puts you on the blocked caller list. Please send a text message or email with a well written request telling me important details about location, date, time and duration of the date. Sending a WhatsApp text saying: “Hi Baby” or “free now?” is not enough for me to consider as a legitimate enquiry. I appreciate men with brains and style, so please try your best to express yourself and impress me. The first impression is very important! Last but not least, try to allow at least a 24 hour notice. Keep in mind that I am not available 24/7 as I do have a busy life other than being an escort.

Manners: when we successfully managed to establish a date, I expect you to bring your “gentleman-like” manners with you. Please dress accordingly and present yourself in the best possible way. Be on time and do not make me wait for you. A few minutes delay is fine, of course, but coming an hour late is not acceptable and the extra time will be charged as well. Refrain from drinking excessive amount of alcohol before and during our meeting. That helps a lot, trust me! Avoid asking personal questions regarding my family, occupation, religion and financial state. These are sensitive questions and I won’t ask you about them either.

Hygiene: make sure to take a shower right before our encounter or if you feel the need to freshen up I will gladly add the extra time (free of charge of course) that you need. Try not to eat smelly foods before our date, because trust me: it is not very arousing to kiss an onion. LOL I am very thankful for a smoke-free environment. But if you can’t go without your puff then at least bring a mouthwash with you. That makes you a lot more attractive and desirable. Shaving your face and perhaps other body parts and washing your hair is essential. All in all: Stay clean, fresh breath, smell good and wear nice clothes to make a good impression and make me feel comfortable around you. I will do my absolutely best to do so myself.

Safety: If you are calling me at your home, apartment or hotel, make sure the place is located in a friendly neighbourhood and that the ambience inside is friendly and cozy. It should not be too dark or give the sense of suspicion. Cleaning your home and changing sheets is not only a nice gesture but a useful tool to make a good impression and assure an enjoyable time together. Escorts, including myself, look for safety and security when on an outcall. Make sure that there are no guests present as an escort will not visit a property with more than one person. If you are bringing drinks, bring a sealed bottle as that is what is preferred.

Payment: it is probably the most sensitive part of the escort business, but once it is done discretely and in the appropriate way it is not even difficult at all. Never hand money over in a public place such as a restaurant or a hotel bar. That is highly embarrassing and really awkward for both of us. Wait until we are in a discrete atmosphere, then hand the envelope over. Please make sure that you count the amount correctly and do not negotiate the price. Nobody likes it. If you are not sure what the honorary is please ask before the meeting, and if the rate is out of your budget, it is OK to cancel the appointment beforehand.

Tipping: is always a good idea, however, my prices you are charged are all inclusive and technically tipping is not required but it is definitely a good idea if I have met your expectations and gone the extra mile to bring that smile of satisfaction to your face. In the long term, your little tip will go a long way in guaranteeing you that extra bit which you require when it comes to sensual pleasure and complete satisfaction.

Afterwards: if you have been immensely satisfied with the services provided by the escort, dropping in a mail to the escort or giving a short phone call to appreciate for the time spent is a good idea. It puts you in good standing and helps the business in getting feedback, which is very much the requirement of just about any business. This is certainly a nice gesture which will be highly appreciated by just about every escort.

Thank you for reading and hope to avoid any misunderstandings in the future. My aim is to provide a satisfactory service but I also need you to cooperate and follow the rules in order to have an unforgettable time together.





Nina Rose

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