Stress release, why not with a good company?

These days we live such hectic, stressful lives it’s hard to find time to rest & relax. It really isn’t doing us any good. Especially high-powered executives, and generally men have to perform at a much higher level. There is no doubt about it, and I don’t even wonder anymore, why men are exposed more to heart attacks and other terrifying health issues.

I’ve personally learnt (particularly after having a bit of a meltdown today due to over working haha) that if you don’t make yourself just STOP and switch off you end up running yourself into the ground and stress as well as anxiety takes over. You might as well become exhausted and sick, or even lose the plot like I did today!!

Stress – whether emotional, physical or spiritual sets off a reaction in our body that short term is useful in certain circumstances – for when we needed to escape tigers 2000 years ago – but nowadays, it’s damaging from the inside out, because we are getting this response from things like sitting in traffic, not meeting a deadline at work or financial stresses.

Stress leaves us not just feeling anxious and depressed, but it also causes serious health damage, such as the following: stress releases cortisol – we breathe into the top of our chest and our body reacts by prioritizing our basic survival mechanism. – So it stores fat, uses carbs and glucose for fuel instead, sends blood from digestion to extremities and food is left undigested in our gut, our immune system is compromised, our hormones become imbalanced causing fluid retention and cuts off the release of the natural “feel good” drug and our adrenal glands become overworked causing fatigue day in – day out.

This is called fight or flight auto response. You have no control over it and your body has no way of knowing that a stressful thought is NOT actually a dangerous animal hunting us down, it reacts in the same way.

So we have to learn to slow the down so our bodies relax, burn fat naturally, sleep better, balance out hormones and in general just feel calm and unstressed.

A good way to send a signal to your brain to say “I’m not being attacked” is to actually inhale and exhale deep through your nose and breathe into your belly. Having coffee to deal with the tiredness and/or wine to run away from the emotions only makes the flight or fight effect worse.

Or call a charming escort lady to spend some relaxing quality time together. Let yourself be pampered and spoiled and allow yourself to fully turn off for a little while. Your work, your deadlines and other responsibilities can wait a little. Love yourself enough to give yourself a break and find out what it exactly is that you need in the moment.

Do not forget one thing: to perform in the best possible way, it is essential to be relaxed, slow down and enjoy life! All of us have a way to achieve just that: some do exercise or yoga. Others enjoy a run or find peace during a walk in the forest. Doing things that makes you HAPPY, taking the pressure off yourself to look, act and be a certain way, getting more sleep and of course keeping a good diet of whole organic foods are all ways to reduce stress on the body. Or perhaps get a nice lady to spend a great evening with! Having interesting conversations, getting to know new people also helps to find inner happiness and relief. If you have nobody else, just give me a call, and let us do some “good” to each other.



Nina Rose

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